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Our Unique Story

“Unique” story started in 2002, Oliver and Dzenan met when Oliver moved to Louisville from Washington DC. Oliver brought his experience from Germany while Dzenan has learned his trade here in the USA. Oliver and Dzenan started working as one crew for one locally owned company. In 2005 they decided to form Unique Hardwood Floors LLC.

Since day one they strived to provide UNIQUE experience for all of their customers knowing that it would take time to achieve goals and build solid customer base. After more then 15 years they built solid customer base and all of their customers are more than happy with their services. They try to explain all the details to each and every customer no matter what the problem or solution is, since in this trade there is so many things that can be overlooked.

Their goal was “UNIQUE” so they decided to open a store/show room in order to help customers even more. Customers have a chance to stop by and meet them before they are called to the customer’s home for estimate. They offer all types of flooring: un-finished, pre-finished, solid, engineered, luxury vinyl, carpet, ceramic tile etc. They offer competitive pricing for all of their customers. Special pricing is offered to our builders and remodelers.

All of the subcontractors were trained by Oliver and Dzenan in order to keep same quality through out company.

General liability and workman's comp insurance is a must at Unique.

Flooring Special!

$1.99 Cash and Carry. While supplies last.

Casabella Laminate Flooring

Ash Grey

Toasted Oak