You just bought a new house? Congratulations!

You've probably had friends and family over to check out the new place before you started any remodeling or unpacking.

But what are you going to do for carpet?

There are many kinds or carpeting. If you aren't an expert then each carpet type doesn't seem to be different. What is really the best type of carpet for your home?

Don't worry, our short guide will help you figure out how to pick the best carpet for your new home.

Appearance and Thickness

This part is the most subjective and completely up to you and your family.

Some people simply prefer the smooth clean look of low carpets while others prefer something with a little more cushion. You may want something soft and comfortable or you may just want something that looks good regardless of how it feels.

The texture and style of carpeting can vary greatly, and you will have to decide what would look best in your house.

When it comes to colors, carpeting comes in virtually limitless options. Feel free to take your time choosing a color scheme that matches your home decor.

Durability and Maintenance

At some point, all carpets need to be cleaned. How often you need to clean them, and how easy it is to clean, depends on the kind of carpet you get... And obviously how dirty you make them.

If you have small children or pets, messes are bound to happen more often. In cases like this, choosing something easy to clean makes sense. It is also possible to get a stain resistant carpet.

But if you live alone and don't make messes regularly, any type should work.

Popular Types of Carpeting Options

One of the most common materials for carpets is nylon. It can be stain resistant and extremely durable, making it the perfect option for large families and pets.

Polyester and olefin look great but aren't quite as durable as nylon. Wool carpets have a luxurious and classic look but are not as stain resistant.

One of the most popular textures for carpeting is called cut loop. This simply means the carrier is made of thousands of strands which are cut on the ends. Doing this makes it soft and comfortable to walk on, which is perfect for the busiest parts of your house!

Cut loop carpeting has many options when it comes to texture and length. You probably know what the longer shag carpets look like, which are definitely becoming more popular again.

Velvet, Saxony, and Frieze are other kinds of common cut loop carpeting. It is best to shop for carpeting in person so you can feel the difference yourself since it is difficult to describe all the differences.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Type of Carpet

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