Your floor tile color changes design dynamics, transforming outdated spaces into impressive displays. Accenting or contrasting tones add vibrancy and character to home aesthetics. Figuring which color(s) you'll pick is the challenging problem.

Floor title isn't exactly a drop in the bucket. Rather, it's a big commitment between material costs and labor. This renovation is intimidating as it changes (almost) everything to do with a room!

You don't want the job half done, feeling nauseated how it's turning out. For that reason, this article shares helpful tips about how to choose tile the right way.

1. Know the Tile Designs

Flat tile colors are easiest to work with but may not provide the "pop" you're going for in the aesthetics. Tile has many patterns, creating a near limitless set of options to play with the design. Your color palette changes when adding variable sizes and accents.

Browse the tile selection online and request samples to experiment. See how colors look with your home's lighting and its decor.

2. Match the Aesthetics

The color and tile patterns shape the room's aesthetics often more-so than its decor. The colors of the floor and walls saturate a person's view, causing an emotional reaction. Match the floor tile to the decor and you'll have created a pleasing aesthetic for its space.

Try accenting features with a splash of color. Or, reflect light with warmer colors making the room feel "bigger". You could recreate classic features with darker color combinations, too!

3. Consider the Location

The location you're tiling can influence the selection. Non-porous tile types like ceramic or vinyl come in many colors. Porous type like travertine keeps their natural colors and designs.

Other considerations based on location include:

  • Heat conduction
  • Resale value

Areas like the kitchen and bathroom are a given for tiling. But, consider entryways, patios, and foyers, too! Select colors understanding how they'll impact the whole look and feel of the room and adjacent spaces.

4. Set the Mood

Colors evoke different emotions, including:

  • White: Purity
  • Pink: Romance
  • Yellow: Energy
  • Blue: Calm

...and so on.

White works great for bathrooms because of its sense of cleanliness. A yellow matches excitement and activity we have when gathering in the kitchen. This theory applies to all areas of the home.

Account the emotions underlying the space. Then, consider matching floor tile to this intent.

5. Think of the Maintenance

Tile gets dirty fast especially if you have younglings running about. You may opt for darker tile in high foot traffic areas for the sake of easier cleaning. Or, choose a non-porous tile for the bathroom and kitchen since they're easier to clean.

Consider the maintenance costs:

  • Liquid cleaners
  • Mops and floor cleaners
  • Grout cleaners

Choose tile flooring matching your personal and home upkeep. Darker colors mask marks and grit while lighter colors make grime more visible.

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