5 Small Home Improvements That Make a Big Difference

5 Small Home Improvements That Make a Big Difference

Maybe you’re looking to sell and you just want to give your home that little extra oomph. Or maybe you just want to do something nice for yourself. Whatever the reason, chances are you’re also quite busy and jumping into a massive home improvement project isn’t in that feasible.

But if you’ve got a few spare hours and elbow grease to spare, these five projects can all be accomplished in a day. Whether you do it with the help of some handy friends or you hire someone, none of these projects will break the bank — and your home will look better within a day!

DIY Project Ideas for Atlanta Homeowners

Project Number One: Open Shelving

Everyone needs more storage space. However, open shelving is a current design trend. Less intrusive than bringing in a whole cabinet unit, open shelving comes in many shapes and sizes and can be an effective way to store smaller, lighter items while also providing additional places to show off decor. Some shelving can be installed to handle bigger, heavier items, such as plates and pans. The installation process is relatively straightforward, particularly for an experienced DIYer — just make sure you get it level.

Project Number Two: Painting One Wall

If you feel like a room needs a splash of color, consider painting just one wall in it. This is called an accent wall, as it doesn’t change the entire look of a room but adds an accent touch that touches on the room’s feel. It can make it lighter, more colorful, or simply provide an appealing contrast. Best of all, you won’t have to empty an entire room to get it done, and if you’ve got a steady hand and the time, you can even accomplish it yourself in a day.

Project Number Three: Tile Your Wall

Another idea to provide accents to a wall is to use a textured tile to provide a unique look. Wall tiles come in all shapes and sizes these days, and they’re relatively easy to install — in fact, there are even some that have a fake brick facade for a historic look without the structural issues of brick.

Project Number Four: Add a Backsplash

Similar to adding textured tile to your wall, adding backsplash tile in your kitchen provides a layer of protection during the basics of cooking and cleaning: water, grease, sauce splashes, etc. A backsplash looks great and is easy to wipe down; most importantly, it won’t lead to any damaged or stained walls.

Project Number Five: Power Wash Your Exterior

Not ready to do a whole-scale paint job of the outside of your home? Power Washing your exterior can do wonders for removing layers of caked-on dirt and grime over the years.

In fact, power washing every 2-3 years can extend the life of your home’s paint while making it look nearly as good as new. If you have a few hours, a commercial-quality power washer is a simple investment, especially if your home is a single-story that doesn’t require tall ladders to reach additional floors.

Bonus Project: Solid Flooring – A Big Project that Can Change Your Home

Of course, one of the biggest improvements you can make is changing out wall-to-wall carpeting for solid flooring. This isn’t a small task, but it does make a huge difference both in lifestyle and in potential resale value — and at the same time, the options are varied, from true hardwood to effective and durable laminates to stone tiles.

If you’re considering this option in your Atlanta-area home, contact the flooring experts at Professional Installed Floors — drop us a line or come by our Marietta showroom. We offer free initial consultations both in our showroom and mobile at your home/office.