A Choice for Every Room - Palmetto Road Flooring

A Choice for Every Room - Palmetto Road Flooring

Available in Waterproof, Solid, Engineered, and Laminate Flooring Choices

If you’re looking at transforming different elements of your home — or even your whole home — going from carpet to a hard surface can fulfill that need and more. Hard service flooring creates a sweeping change in the look, feel, even sound of your home, in addition to opening up the possibilities for decorating and aesthetics. They’re also easier to clean — particularly if you have animals or small children — and can be better for allergies as well.

At Professional Installed Floors, we work closely with the team at Palmetto Road. Not only do they provide a great range of products, they’re committed to responsible manufacturing and sourcing.

Here are some specific recommendations for different situations:

The Palmetto Road Tidewater Collection 12mill & Barrier 20 20mill (Waterproof)

Every home begins with a first impression, and for most guests, that starts with the entryway. We find that the Palmetto Road’s Tidewater collection can work wonders for this room. Available in 13 different colors and styles with its 12 mill, Tidewater is the perfect choice to use as the centerpiece of your redesigned entryway. With visual options that span between reclaimed wood to traditional wood flooring, the Tidewater’s 12 mill collection adapts to your specific needs, all while offering the type of durability necessary for all four seasons of welcoming people.

Tidewater & Barrier 20 have a 100% waterproof core, making them ready to handle the rigors of winter (snow boots, rain boots, umbrellas) and summer (kids coming and going after soccer or playing in the sprinklers). Available in 19 different colors and styles, there’s sure to be an option that meets your aesthetic choice — and even if the rest of your home is different, Tidewater & Barrier 20 offers enough options that they can most likely match up visually while providing stronger durability for this critical room.

Barrier 20 works great in other specific situations for your home. With its 20 mill wear layer, your choice of six different colors and styles make for a great fit in any man cave, basement, or room that will see a lot of guests. Barrier 20 is designed to withstand spills and moisture — it will never swell or delaminate when exposed to liquids. The top layer is also scratch-resistant and chip-resistant, so when your buddies crash the floor during that epic extra-innings home run, your floor will be safe.

Palmetto Road Solid ¾ x 5 Hand Scraped Authentic American Old Style

Looking for a traditional flooring choice for the precious moments of a family meal? The Palmetto Road Solid Collection offers a range of warm sun-drenched looks to emphasize the special nature of the family dining room. Each hand-carved plank is made from the finest solid Oak & Maple with classic grains that glow through our ultra-durable Valspar transparent finish. The Solid Series is available in nine beautiful color choices and comes prepackaged in a classic 5″ fixed-width configuration. This series also features our impressive 50-year warranty for residential installations.

Not only do these 5” planks stand the test of time (including a 50-year warranty for residential use), their look is timeless and sure to be perfect for dining over the years: with your spouse, with your children, with your children’s children.

Palmetto Road Engineered Hardwood Flooring

If you need more flexible applications consider engineered flooring. These products can be directly glued down on a concrete slab or stapled to a wood sub-floor. For maximum flexibility, they can be installed on any grade level.

As a result, engineered floors are well suited to almost every room in the house, including kitchens and dry basements, and offer superior durability alongside uncompromised beauty. Palmetto Road offers a large collection of engineered floors to meet your flooring needs. Collections feature hand-scraped and distressed visuals, varying plank sizes, and a broad range of color options.

  • Chalmers
  • Riviera
  • Distressed Hickory
  • Highlands Park
  • Monet
  • Mountain Ridge
  • Lake Ridge
  • Palmetto Road Laminate Flooring

Palmetto Road Laminate Flooring

laminate-palmetto-flooring-examplePalmetto Road laminate floors offer the beautiful and elegant look of hardwood at a surprisingly affordable price. As with engineered flooring, they feature hand-scraped and distressed visuals, varying plank sizes, and a broad range of color options. Their combination of durability and style are the ideal choice for an active home, particularly in high-traffic areas.

Laminate flooring comes in multi-layer pieces built to resemble hardwood floors while featuring other properties: durability, stain resistance, and easy maintenance.

The top layer (AKA decorative or surface layer) uses a high-definition photograph of a particular wood species sealed within a melamine resin-based coating containing aluminum oxide. This coating delivers protective features that resist scratching, UV rays, and sensitivity to burning ash or chemical agents. Beneath that layer is a core of highly compressed High Density Fiberboard (HDF) which absorbs shock. Finally, the backing layer binds the laminate together and gives it stability.

  • Beaufort
  • Cambridge
  • Charlestowne
  • Chesapeake
  • Lexington
  • LaFayette
  • Providence Exotics
  • Spanish Hills
  • Willamsburg
  • Wild Walnut

Thinking Green with Solid Flooring

There are many reasons we like to work with Palmetto Road flooring, and much of it goes beyond the quality of their materials and manufacturing process (which are excellent across the board, by the way); it’s their commitment to sustainable practices. After all, their product wouldn’t exist without the trees to provide the wood. Because of that, Palmetto is committed to a variety of practices to ensure green-friendly products:

  • Hardwood floors sourced from certified green and self-renewing sources (trees farmed and replanted)
  • CARB-certified manufacturing and compliance to the Lacey Act
  • Responsible use of materials in a zero-waste environment (i.e. tree bark processed into mulch, trimmings processed into paper, etc.)
  • HAPs-free, zero-VOCs finishes developed by Valspar — finishes that surpass all KCMA coating standards

At Professional Installed Floors, we’re just as concerned with the health and beauty of our natural environment as you are. That’s why we feel good recommending Palmetto Road products to our customers. Not only will it give them a stunning home, it also ensures that all of this is achieved in a safe and sustainable way.

Which Palmetto Road Product Is Right for You?

Whether you’re doing a top-to-bottom remodel or simply building out a man cave, the team at Professional Installed Floors is ready to help you choose the right Palmetto Road product for you. In fact, I use Palmetto Road laminate flooring in my own home — it’s simply the best laminate I’ve encountered throughout my career, as well as being our bestseller. Visit our Marietta flooring showroom or get in touch for a free consultation. Whatever your need is, whatever your budget is, we’ll find responsibly-made Palmetto Road products to transform your home.