Fight Fake Flooring: What Should Laminate Really Be Made Of?

Fight Fake Flooring: What Should Laminate Really Be Made Of?

Planning to install new floors?

If you want the look of hardwood but can't afford the price tag, you may be turning to alternatives such as laminate.

But, what is laminate?

There are versions of laminate out there that while inexpensive, are made of composites and plastics. This should not be the case if you select this floor type for your remodel.

Read on to learn about what laminate is and how to identify a quality product.

What Is Laminate Made Of?

You may have heard some false information about laminate flooring. For example, many people believe it's made of plastic when in fact, it's not.

Laminate flooring is a mixture of materials. To put it simply, it's pressed wood or particleboard wood. The top of the piece looks like authentic wood because of a photograph that is covered in a durable layer to prevent wear.

The pressed wood or particleboard wood is subjected to serious pressure during the process so it creates sheets of the laminate which are easy to install.

There are four layers in each sheet of laminate and they each serve a valuable purpose in creating the look you want and maintaining their appearance over time.

The back layer is meant to stop moisture from getting through the subflooring. The back layer and the entire piece actually hover over the subflooring and don't have to be connected to it, saving time and money during installation.

The next layer is called the core layer which also works to stop damage and water intrusion. The design layer is the piece that has the photograph imprinted to resemble real hardwood or stone, depending on which look you've selected.

After the design layer is the wear layer. This layer is transparent and is meant to protect against wear and tear, foot traffic, stains, and fading.


Some time ago, laminate did not have the appearance capabilities it does today and was typically chosen for its affordability and durability.

While the aesthetics of this flooring have changed significantly to look just like real hardwood, the reasons for selecting laminate are still very much the same.

The many layers of laminate flooring make it durable and a terrific option especially in entryways, living rooms and other areas of the home that get a lot of use. If you have a large family with kids and pets running around, this flooring will stand the test of time.

It's also easy to clean and does well against scratches and stains.

This type of flooring is not ideal for bathrooms or areas that are exposed to moisture. It will make their shelf life much shorter. But there is no issue with it in other areas of the home.

Choose Laminate Today

We've answered the question of "What is laminate?" so now it's time to ask yourself if this is the right flooring solution for you.

Laminate is an affordable, durable option that looks just like real hardwood. You can even select from various stains and finishes to fit your home perfectly.

We'd love to help with your flooring needs. Contact us today for more information.