Wall to Wall Carpeting: Why it's Back in Style

Wall to Wall Carpeting: Why it's Back in Style

Thanks to the modern farmhouse trend sweeping the home decor scene, age-worn hardwoods have dominated design trends. But soon, that all could change.

As comfort and practicality begin to take precedence over pure aesthetics, carpet is back and in a big way.

Forget tiny foot rugs and hallway runners. We're talking about wall to wall carpeting: that gloriously fluffy floor covering your childhood bedroom was covered in.

Today, we're sharing a few reasons why this comeback is happening and why we're here for it.

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Wall to Wall Carpeting Offers Insulation

It only takes one time to realize that putting your bare toes on cold hardwoods isn't the most pleasant way to wake up on a chilly morning.

To this end, wall to wall carpet designs are ideal, as they turn your entire room into a haven of warmth with built-in insulation.

Put simply, this material is the warmest out there, and installing it strategically in your homes could even save you money on your utility bills, especially during the winter months!

It's Safe for All Ages

Parents of little ones know that any time they're running around on hardwoods, especially with socks on, it could be a recipe for disaster.

This explains why bedroom carpeting trends center on such plush materials and higher thread piles. It's an ideal addition to a nursery or playroom and as long as you maintain it properly, it can serve your children for decades as they grow.

Moreover, a soft wall to wall rug is also perfect for seniors and family pets, as it provides the comfort and traction they need to help prevent falls.

It's Quieter

No one wants to be enjoying a movie on the couch, only to hear thunderous footsteps above as the children run around. Especially on upper levels, wall to wall carpeting is preferred, as it is inherently noise-canceling.

Design Options are Expanding

When you think of the best wall to wall carpet for bedroom designs, your mind might automatically wander back to the threadbare version your grandparents rocked in theirs eons ago.

You'll be glad to know, then, that carpet design is rapidly sophisticating. Gone are the days when you had a limited number of materials, designs and hues to work with.

Now, if you can imagine it, you can walk on it. Wall to wall carpet is available in myriad patterns and textures customizable to fit any decorating scheme. Whether your style is funky shag carpeting or a more modern, low-pile alternative, a little research will reveal all the choices you could want.

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