Introducing Armstrong’s PRYZM Hard Surface Flooring

Introducing Armstrong’s PRYZM Hard Surface Flooring

Durable, Beautiful, Even Water-Proof, PRYZM Delivers It All

In the past decade, the real estate industry has noted that both buyers and sellers have begun moving away from wall-to-wall carpeting and instead preferred the look and feel of solid flooring. Solid flooring comes in many forms: traditional solid wood, tile and stone, and hardwood laminate that replicates the look of solid wood while providing a lighter, easier to install, and more affordable material.

There’s also the new PRYZM line from Armstrong, which gets a classification all its own. Each multi-layered piece of PRYZM hard surface flooring replicates the aesthetic and texture of wood but is engineered specifically to be more rigorous and long-lasting against many damaging factors.

In general, why is solid flooring becoming the trend in homes these days? One of the biggest reasons is that regardless of whether you use the cutting-edge PRYSM hard-surface flooring or stone tile or laminate, it is never seen as dated; at the same time, the use of carpet peaked in the 1980s and 1990s.

As Casey Samson of Samson Properties says, “Too much carpet screams 1985, and we are trying to rid the home of anything that feels old.” Because of that, solid flooring is becoming more and more common in homes as they hit the market — as well as the decision of choice when it comes to remodeling. Across all choices, they also feature these traits.

Design: Ask almost anyone and they’ll tell you that a solid floor looks better than a carpet. There are a number of reasons for this. First, it’s the most flexible. Whether wood or tile in appearance, the floor provides a foundation for furniture and rugs, all of which can be customized to suit the residents’ taste.

A Timeless Look: Solid flooring provides a timeless look, and many manufacturers now provide different shades of colors to help meet your preferred aesthetic. Many of the natural looks provided with solid flooring provide an organic warmth that can’t be replicated by carpet.

Cleanliness: Carpets are hard to clean. There’s just no way around that. Spills become stains, dirt and dust can wind up deep in the pad, and the long-term wear of coming and going can create spots and distress. Solid floors sweep and mop much easier, particularly when they’re waterproof high-quality materials like PRYZM Luxury Flooring.

Allergies: Have allergies? Hardwood floors should be your default choice for healthier living. Allergens from plants, dust, animal dander, and so many other sources can easily accumulate deep in a carpet. With a hardwood floor, a good vacuum can pick up much more to help minimize the impact of allergens.

When it comes to solid flooring, we offer the complete range of choices at Professional Installed Floors: laminate flooring, solid hardwood, and alternative materials such as Ridge Core are all available. However, we’re very excited about Armstrong PRYZM hard surface flooring; it represents an exciting new turn for the flooring industry that combines the best elements of all options — and it’s affordable. Let’s take a closer look.

What Is PRYZM?

Simply put, PRYZM Luxury Flooring is the best of all worlds when it comes to solid flooring. With a unique four-layer construction, PRYZM is designed to get the most out of the traits sought by both commercial and residential users.

Its bottom layer is a cork backing, which provides a softer touch on the feet while also acting as a sound absorber.

The core layer on top of that is the heart of PRYZM: a strong and solid layer that withstands both high-impact and long-term usage.

Above that is the design layer, crafted by Armstrong’s award-winning team for stylish visuals and textures.

Finally, a commercial-grade wear layer provides the ultimate in protection against both physical damage and sun fading.

When you choose PRYZM, you’re choosing:

A Look That Lasts: Hardwood floors are a reliable and classic choice for any home, whether you’re looking to upgrade or preparing to sell. “Timeless” is often associated with hardwood floors, and there’s a certain truth to that.

While carpet trends come and go, hardwood floors are always in style, and because quality materials like PRYZM offer 20 different shades and textures, you’re able to achieve a look for your home that never feels dated. In fact, hardwood floors are regarded by industry experts as a means to expedite sales and increase prices.

Durability: A hardwood floor is only good if it’s durable. If furniture, shoes, and pets wear away at the material — and if it chips or cracks from impact upon large or heavy dropped items — suddenly the literal and proverbial luster is gone.

In fact, depending on the damage, such an issue may even cause a tripping hazard. PRYZM pieces were specifically designed to put safety first, with a durability that withstands both severe impact and gradual wear: up to 2500 PSI of scratch resistance. Armstrong calls it “ultimate dent protection” and it’s been put up to the test: PRYZM looks fresh even against high heels, cleats, sporting equipment, and much more.

A Tailored Look: It’s easy to assume that many solid flooring options only come in a handful of colors. Most people typically see a natural warm shade and a standard wood cross-section texture.

However, PRYZM’s hard surface flooring offers more than that — 20 different shades and textures, in fact. This can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your room or a particular room. For example, the Waterfront – Sky Blue brings seaside tones to a room, perfectly accenting traditional beach or Delft colors. Similarly, the Elements of Heritage line offers a different take on a traditional aesthetic by bringing a more rustic vibe.

Options and Flexibility: PRYZM is manufactured to be commercial grade. That means that while it does just fine under the wear-and-tear of family household life, it’s tough enough for use in a high-traffic commercial space: a storefront, restaurant, or office.

In short, it’s flexible enough to meet just about any application — and to make it even better, Armstrong offers optional coordinated trim and molding to ensure a seamless aesthetic across an interior’s entire design. Whether it’s the floor of a new high-end restaurant, the lobby of a renovated office, or simply the cozy downstairs of your new home, PRYZM works in any situation.

Waterproof Material: One of the best parts about a hardwood floor comes from its inherent ability for easy cleanup. For many solid floors — hardwood, laminate, or otherwise — exposure to water can prove to be a tricky thing, possibly leading to warping over time.

PRYZM’s layered design was specifically engineered to be 100% waterproof, making it one of the few products on the market that can claim that. PRYZM is perfectly capable for use in environments such as kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and laundry rooms. Spills, overflows, and drips can all easily be cleaned up without any fear of swelling, buckling, or any loss of integrity. (Note: PRYZM should not be used for saunas or similar environments with constant high levels of moisture.)

Easy Installation: PRYZM offers a high-end look and extremely durable materials. That doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to install. In fact, PRYZM’s interlocking parts are easy enough for experienced DIYers to tackle themselves. PRYZM is also simple enough such that when you hire a professional flooring contractor to install it, the job is fast and straightforward — even with specific cuts for corners, turns, molding, and rounded joints.

Peace of Mind: The above traits give you an idea of how long you can expect PRYZM to hold up — a long time. Armstrong is so confident in PRYZM’s abilities and durability that it offers a lifetime warranty for residential usage and 15-year warranty for commercial usage.

Transform Your Home Now

Prepping your Atlanta home for sale? Remodeling and looking for a floor that will last over decades in the Georgia rain and heat? The Armstrong PRYZM line of hard surface flooring offers the absolute best in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. If you’re not sure which tone and texture suit your home best, contact the experts at Professional Installed Flooring. We offer a showroom of samples and a free in-home estimate. Get in touch today to begin transforming your home!