Top 5 Types of Hardwood Floors to Choose From

Top 5 Types of Hardwood Floors to Choose From

Dreaming of new flooring? Think hardwood might be for you?

There are benefits to getting solid hardwood flooring including cleanliness and eco-friendliness.

With over 20 types of hardwood in North America alone, choosing one is daunting.

Don't worry, we have you covered. We've put together a list of the top five types of hardwood floors.

Take a look. Your new flooring awaits.

Our Top 5 Types of Hardwood Floors

1. American Walnut

For those looking for dark hardwood floors, you have walnut. With a deep brown hue and purple undertones, it can be a real showstopper.

Lightweight enough for usage upstairs, its high resistance to light damage make it great for rooms that enjoy large amounts of sunlight.

As a softer hardwood, walnut is not advised for areas where heavy furniture will drag over it often. It is also a premium wood at a high price.

2. American Cherry

Another of the dark hardwood floors is American cherry. Its signature is rich red-brown colors and pink tones. Its vibrant colors really make a statement.

Like walnut, it is a soft hardwood and will not stand up to frequent dragging of heavy furniture.

It is also not recommended for rooms that get a lot of sunlight as it has a high sensitivity to light.

American Cherry also sits at the higher end of the market.

3. Oak

52% of American hardwood is oak so it isn't surprising that its one of the most popular types of wood flooring.

Both white and red oaks provide a warm medium color. Red has reddish tones and is the lighter of the two. White is a pale brown, with hints of pink or grey.

Oak offers mid-range affordability and a durability to match. It stands up to most hard impacts, but scratching can be an issue. Take measures to prevent this from heavy furniture.

4. Birch

With its off-white to yellow-white tones, birch wood floor caters to those looking for both style and affordability.

If you are looking for higher customization, birch also holds colored stains very well.

As well as being a soft hardwood, it is also delicate to temperature changes and moisture levels. Avoid too much contracting and expanding by not placing it in areas with fluctuating temperatures or high moisture levels.

5. Maple

With a distinctive grain pattern and adaptable light coloring, maple is another stylish and affordable option.

It takes well to staining, offering a wider variety of options when it comes to customization.

As one of the hardest of the hardwoods, durability is a real plus. It can take hard impacts and won't scratch or dent easily.

This makes it a good option for households with pets or children.

Types of Wood Floor: An Overview

With a large variety of types of hardwood floors on the market, it is important to consider the room you are looking to fit out.

Soft hardwoods look stunning and are practical for a kitchen floor, but in a dining room, hard chairs pose a scratch risk.

Now you have an idea of what type of wood flooring you're looking for, we have a whole range of options.

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