Transforming Dated Flooring to New & Modern

Transforming Dated Flooring to New & Modern

Professional Installed Floors has worked with homes in Georgia for decades, and that means that over the years, satisfied customers come back for remodels or when new projects come about. Such was the case with Walter F., a resident of Atlanta. Professional Installed Floors has worked with Walter over two homes, and the recently completed project was an example of the transformational potential with Professional Installed Floors.

Flooring Customer Profile: Walter F, Atlanta

Prior to the remodel, Walter’s home was a mix of carpet and different hard surfaces. Most of this came in the form of standard laminate that, while still clean, had the aesthetic of flooring that was popular 10-15 years ago. The front door’s entry way was dated parquet floor with a different texture, which created a bit of a style clash with the other areas of the home. Another small hallway featured and outdated tile, which created a further aesthetic dissonance. Finally, carpet was used in the dining room, living room, and other high-traffic areas.

Why Hard Floors are a Better Choice

While a quick glance showed that the carpet was still relatively clean and in good condition — even in the dining area — carpet naturally presents two drawbacks. First, it looks dated. While wall-to-wall carpeting became popular in the second half of the twentieth century, many home builders began moving away from this in the 2000s. Second, carpet is much harder to keep clean, as it absorbs spills, dust, dander, and stains from general usage. Today, hard flooring is becoming the material of choice in remodels and new homes, and is often seen as something that drives up the value of a home.

Choosing a New Floor

With that in mind, the approach for Walter’s home was two-fold: create a unified look and feel for the flooring, and create a modern aesthetic while using the latest materials for durability and easy maintenance. After reviewing the possibilities, Walter selected the Chesapeake Collection from Palmetto Road Flooring. We removed the existing laminate, carpet, and tile, then proceeded to install this new laminate hardwood floor piece by piece.

Walter’s Home: Before & After

The biggest differences came in the smallest of areas. An entry hallway previously had tiling with a style that peaked in the late 1970s/early 1980s. Simply as a matter of modernization, the new flooring’s mix of a dark color and natural-looking texture instantly modernized the home and eliminated any sense of feeling outdated.

In the kitchen and laundry room, the floor changed from standard laminate to a new material. Technology has evolved since the original material was installed, and top-of-the-line hard surface flooring offers more durability and UV protection than before. The result is that even in areas prone to occasional water splashes or spills, the floor is remarkably easy to clean up without any long-lasting ill effects.

The main entry room previously had its own unique flooring — a wood-style square tile. While this didn’t bring an outdated aesthetic like the tile hallway mentioned above, it still offered a style clash. By changing to the same Chesapeake Collection as the rest of the house, consistency was achieved for the home’s overall style while maintaining the functional needs of the entry room floor — namely, being an easy-to-clean first place to step in with shoes that had just been in the elements.

The dining and living rooms saw a complete overhaul, going from carpet to a hard floor. Not only did this do away with the 1980s aesthetic of wall-to-wall carpeting, it made cleaning and maintenance much easier for these heavy-use rooms. The latest flooring technology means that hard flooring pieces are specifically layered for durability across both acute (high-heel impact, dropped items, spilled drinks and food) and gradual (the wear-and-tear of everyday use). Thus Walter’s living space transformed, not just by bringing the modern-yet-timeless look that comes with hard flooring while also becoming much easier to maintain.

Atlanta’s Choice for New Flooring

Is it time to update your home from old-fashioned tile and wall-to-wall carpet? Contact the team at Professional Installed Floors. Servicing Atlanta and Marietta homes for decades, we offer a free in-home consultation along with our showroom filled with options to view in person.