Un-Finished Hardwood Flooring Options

Un-Finished Hardwood Flooring Options

At the Marietta showroom of Professional Installed Floors, we often have people come in and go directly to look at un-finished hardwood floor options. When they do this, that means they’re skipping over our immense catalog of samples featuring off-the-shelf products from leading manufacturers such as Armstrong Floors and Palmetto Road. Instead, they’re looking for something specific — and that usually means going with an un-finished product.

A True Customized Flooring Solution

What does it mean when a piece of flooring is un-finished? Simply put, it has not been sanded or stained yet, thus providing flexibility in the final color of the floor.

This can be used in several situations:

  • When the customer wants to have complete control over the color of the floor during a new build or remodel
  • When the customer needs to match an existing floor and is having trouble finding the right shade to do so
  • When the customer has unique color demands and has no off-the-shelf product will make it work

At Professional Installed Floors, un-finished hardwood is our most popular product. The reason for this stem from the flexibility it gives customers — when you add in the power to dictate the color and stain of the floor, that immediately makes it appealing, particularly planning a custom home. Un-finished hardwood flooring is so flexible that it works anywhere in the house (see notes about material restriction below) and creates the ability to customize borders — something that’s not necessarily available with off-the-shelf colors. In fact, most custom and high-end homes these days use un-finished hardwood flooring as the floor of choice simply due to this ability to customize.

Un-finished products come in two types:

  • Solid hardwood: Un-finished solid hardwood flooring provides all of the stability and durability expected with this type of product. It lasts longer, can be repaired via re-surfacing, and has a unique look that can never be fully replicated by a Pre-finish product. Note that solid hardwood cannot be put over a home’s slab.
  • Engineered hardwood: Engineered hardwood flooring comes in an un-finished option, and this means the many benefits of engineered products are available for fully customized aesthetics. Engineered products offer better resistance to thermal conditions and higher humidity; they are not recommend for high-traffic areas or pet nails. They can be installed on any type of subfloor.

Un-Finished Flooring Options

When we install an unfinished floor in your home, we offer a commitment to two things. First, the color stain is exactly what you want. Second, the source material is of the highest quality. For the former, it’s all about working with you to identify the perfect stain for your situation. For the latter, this is what you’re getting:
  • Materials sourced from the best 10 flooring mills in the country.
  • Strict adherence to National Wood Flooring Association (NOFMA) grading standards.
  • Products that are graded as NOFMA Select, #1 Common. We do not use #2 Common or builders choice products.
  • Continuously stocked solid hardwood — it’s always in our inventory.
  • A range of sizes, from common sizes (e.g. 2 1/4″, 3 1/4″, etc.) to available-upon-request wider widths (e.g. 6″, 7″, 8″).

Whatever your situation, get in touch with our expert staff or visit our Marietta showroom. We offer a free initial consultation, both for in-store clients and mobile appointments. Whether it’s a remodel, custom home, or repair, Professional Installed Floors has a solution for you, so contact us now!