"Why do we need waterproof floors?"

We know someone who went years without a leak, then had three in a month. Two of those leaks took place in the same room, with the need to replace the flooring twice. The first time she replaced the carpet with another carpet. The second time she went with flooring that's waterproof.

Unique Flooring Solutions has been in business for almost 20 years. You'll notice that the word "unique" is in our company name because we strive to make this a special and positive experience for all our customers. Flooring is a big investment, and it's an expression of your style.

It's not just a matter of transforming your home, but also one of protecting your investment.

Even before we go to a potential customer's home for an estimate, we meet with them first to explain every step of the process and address all of their concerns and challenges. Eyes wide open, you might say!

Sometimes it's easier to explain something through anecdotes rather than by lecture. That's why we began this piece with the cautionary, and very true, story about the need for waterproof flooring. It all comes down to peace of mind!

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Is it stylish or does waterproof make it look like an industrial-type floor?

Are you familiar with luxury vinyl flooring (LVF)? That's exactly what it is, but with a newer, more technologically advanced core that won't peel or ripple no matter how much water to which it's exposed, or for how long. The latter's especially important since your home can have a leak or flood while you're away.

While all LVF is waterproof, this is a higher level of protection. It also makes the vinyl somewhat thicker, so that only enhances durability.

The flooring image is taken with 3D photography so it's clear, vibrant and realistic, whether you're looking for the appearance of wood, tile or stone. Features, such as embossing, give it added depth and dimension. They're all available in a wide variety of species, colors, patterns, and designs, as well as matte and gloss finishes.

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If I don't need to think about rainstorms, what else can cause water damage?

We create plenty in our own homes. Here are just some examples of why everyone should have waterproof floors. We just bet you'll think of more.

  • Leaky and frozen pipes
  • Loose and broken roof shingles
  • Dishwasher seals that have been broken
  • Corroded washing machine hoses
  • Leaky air conditioning units
  • Chimneys--rainstorm winds can come at just the right angle to crumble the flashing
  • Slow or backed up drains

If you're remodeling your home or business, or completing a new construction project, choose waterproof flooring from Unique Flooring Solutions for the perfect finishing touch. From custom designs to hard-to-find species, we've got everything you need to make a statement with your waterproof floors.

Benefit from buying waterproof flooring at a locally owned store

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