10 of the Most Stylish Indoor Carpet Designs You Need In Your Home

10 of the Most Stylish Indoor Carpet Designs You Need In Your Home

It's recommended that you replace your carpet every 8 to 10 years.

Of course, in rooms which are used more regularly, a carpet will wear out a lot faster than that. You may also be redecorating purely for the fun of it.

If you are looking to redecorate your home and don't know which carpet to buy, we can help you out. Read on for 10 of the most stylish indoor carpet designs. Let's get started:

1. Dark Carpet and Light Walls are Stylish

If you're a clumsy person, a great way to hide spills or mess is with a darker carpet. Paint your walls light and build color increasingly up them to make ceilings look higher.

Such carpet colors also work very well with light-colored furniture and act as a statement piece in a room. Choose any shade from navy to purple to orange to black.

2. Patterned Carpet Stair Runner

Although rather recently, patterned carpet stair runners were seen to be very old-fashioned, they've made a comeback.

Choose a geometric or another quirky pattern to jazz up your stairway and draw attention to the stairs. Why not check out a few colors and patterns on Pinterest?

3. Fun Polka Dots for Bedrooms

Polka dots are making a come back. Jazz up your home office, hallway, or kids' rooms with polka dots. They look chic and fun without being in your face.

You can choose from a myriad of colors depending on how eclectic your tastes are. Do you prefer blue with green dots or maybe a classic blue and white?

4. Shag Carpets Are Making a Comeback

Although shag carpets are very much associated with bright orange versions from the 70s, they are also making a comeback.

Perhaps choose a color which is a little less "in your face," such as grey or white, and you'll have yourself a gorgeous statement piece in your living room.

Alternatively, choose thick shagpile carpet for your bedroom so that when you wake up every morning, your feet touch something cozy and welcoming.

5. Plush Carpets are the Height of Style

Not a fan of jazzy indoor carpet styles? Then choose something which is more chic, stylish and understated -- the plush carpet.

Choose a neutral tone to give your room a minimalist vibe and give your room a natural sleek look.

6. Avoid Wear with a Textured Carpet

There are many different textures to explore when choosing which carpet is right for you. Do you prefer Nordic Berber or Marrakesh Cabel Carpet?

Either way, a textured carpet can add something to your flooring. It draws the eye, looks pleasant and, better yet, won't show wear as quickly.

Carpet Designs Not for You? Go for Hard Wood Floors Instead!

If you've explored all of your carpet options and still aren't sure what to go for, then why not consider wood floors instead?

Whatever you decide, we can help you. Don't forget to check out our Friday carpet manufacturer specials for a huge range of carpet designs.

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