Some customers may be surprised to see carpeting when they visit our Marietta showroom. It’s true, the bulk of our inventory and product lines are solid flooring — from true hardwoods to laminate to vinyl flooring. However, even though the popular opinion is shifting towards homes having mostly solid flooring, there are certainly still plenty of reasons to use carpet. In fact, just one option that many people go with is a half-and-half solution, where the entire bottom floor is solid flooring while the entire upstairs is carpeting.

Why We Recommend Dream Weaver Carpeting

The reason behind this is that it simply is appropriate for how the space is used. Solid flooring on the ground floor makes sense for a lot of reasons. It’s easier to clean, it’s more durable, and it doesn’t suffer nearly as much from stains or spills. It’s also better for allergies and easier to vacuum, so it makes sense as these spaces see the most foot traffic.

At the same time, having carpet upstairs also makes sense, as this primarily where bedrooms are. When you’re walking from your bed to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the last thing you probably want is to feel cold flooring or a cool draft, and carpeting allows for a soft touch to bare feet while helping to keep in some of the temperature on those winter nights.

And of course, some people simply want wall-to-wall carpeting everywhere, or at least in downstairs living rooms. These are also options too.

When we are asked about carpet options during a remodel, we often bring up Dream Weaver Carpets. Dream Weaver offers a variety of options in a range of price points; these options all come loaded with different features, but they all meet the high standards of Dream Weaver’s products.

There’s a reason why Dream Weaver has become so successful despite the brand only being known in the industry for less than a decade.

The Dream Weaver Story

In 2009, Calhoun, Georgia saw the groundbreaking on a massive carpet mill. One year later, it became operational, and one year after that, it was acquired by Dream Weaver. People may have wondered why founder Bob Shaw wanted to get into the carpet industry when remodeling since the turn of the millennium has moved more towards solid flooring. The answer is simple: he promised a commitment to make the absolute best product possible. That meant understanding why some aspects of carpet remain beloved in the marketplace, while other segments have decided to choose more solid flooring.

By providing a deeper understanding of how the latest technology and engineering insight can fuse traditional carpeting with the latest market demands, Bob provided true leadership — and in turn, Dream Weaver now delivers products out of one of the nation’s largest carpet mills. But Dream Weaver is more than just that mill. In the past decade, Dream Weaver has seen many significant milestones come:

2011: After acquisition, new 215,000 square foot plant breaks ground in Dalton.

2012: Calhoun and Dalton plants expand, increasing Dream Weaver’s total manufacturing space to 1 million square feet.

2014: Second Dalton plant becomes operational, increasing manufacturing space to 2.25 million square feet.

2016: Merger with J+J Flooring Group creates a commercial carpet division.

2018: Production launched at new commercial carpet tile plant.

Today, the Dream Weaver catalog for residential carpeting range includes more than 100 product lines, comprised of different price points and features. Every Dream Weaver carpet meets rigorous quality standards, including:

  • Pure Color technology: A proprietary solution-dyed fiber that has proven to be more durable than the average carpet fiber for color, stain protection, and fiber retention.
  • Breathe-easy design: At the same time, Dream Weaver’s engineers have designed their products to be as allergy-friendly as possible. While a lot of carpets retain allergens within the fibers but still allow them to escape easily, Dream Weaver’s high standards deliver a carpet that is much more efficient at trapping allergens and dander within until vacuumed out.
  • A lifetime warranty: Dream Weaver’s products aren’t just empty promises either. Because the company is so confident in their products, they offer a lifetime warranty should it be determined that a Dream Weaver product has failed to live up to expectations.

Recommended Dream Weaver Products

At Professional Installed Floors, we invite customers to visit our Marietta showroom to learn more about their carper options. To that end, there are three particular product lines that we recommend most often.

These three product lines represent different price points and different feature needs. In short, there’s something available for everyone, whatever their situation

  • Keystone Plus: As economical options go, Keystone Plus is among the finest carpet options on the market. Available eight different shades of brown — from a light beige to a rich honey to the standard oatmeal color — Keystone Plus offers P2 PureColor technology, meaning that it comes with a 15-year guarantee for stain resistance, abrasive wear resistance, texture retention, and manufacturing defects, in addition to Dream Weaver’s standard lifetime warranties. It’s important to note that as a baseline Dream Weaver product, Keystone Plus is not the recommended solution for homes with multiple pets.
  • Seascape: For those on a mid-range budget, Seascape is a favorite here at Professional Installed Floors. Seascape offers more robust protection, and is a good choice for households that have one or two animals, as a lifetime pet stain warranty is included along with the standard P2 PureColor technology 15-year guarantee for stain resistance, abrasive wear resistance, texture retention, and manufacturing defects, in addition to Dream Weaver’s standard lifetime warranties. Seascape also offers a bigger range of color choices, from grey to brown to light beige. It’s the perfect balance between premium-level quality and budget pricing.
  • Jamboree: Dream Weaver Nylon carpets as a standard use Pure Color treatments, infusing the color all the way through the fibers. Jamboree is a premium-level Nylon carpet, with 25-year warranties for wear, defects, pet stains, and more. Available in 12 shades of brown, Jamboree perfectly blends high-quality BCF nylon with an aesthetic sure to suit any home.

If none of those products feel right for you, remember that Dream Weaver’s catalog includes more than 100 different carpet options.

Dream Weaver products are available in polyester, soft polyester, nylon, and soft-solution nylon, ensuring that whatever your budget, tastes, and style, there’s a Dream Weaver carpet for you.

Come See More Carpet Options or We’ll Come to You

If those options still don’t seem like the right fit for you, then come on down to our Marietta showroom or contact us today to arrange a time for us to bring our mobile showroom to you.

Our friendly staff provides a free consultation so you can sit down, consider things such as budget and style, and talk through what your best options are. We have samples you can take so you can really see if these choices will work for your home, so come by or pick up the phone today!