Hardwood flooring is becoming the preferred choice of new home buyers — it’s often noted as a driver in faster sales and higher prices. Why is that? One of the biggest reasons people prefer hardwood flooring over carpets is that it’s easier to clean.

While carpet is softer and warmer, it’s also much more prone to have things like dirt, dust, and animal dander embedded deep past the surface. Spills — especially strong staining liquids like coffee and red wine — can create panic-inducing moments because carpets may permanently absorb stains if not treated properly and immediately.

Keep Your Hardwood Floors Beautiful for Years To Come

Hardwood floors are much easier when it comes to that type of cleaning. Despite these benefits, it’s still not fool-proof; it’s important to know what’s involved with maintenance.

Here are five ways to keep new hardwood floors looking clean and pristine.

(Note: Every manufacturer’s warranty varies based on specific make and model. Before attempting any type of regular maintenance, be sure to read up on your warranty details to make sure none of your cleaning efforts violate the manufacturer’s terms.)

leaning Tip #1: Weekly Sweeping & Dusting

With hardwood floors, dust, dirt, and pet hair may be more visible than what you’ve experienced with carpets. The same volume of dirty stuff is still there, it’s just that with hardwood floors it’s got nowhere to go except to remain on the surface. A regular sweep through with a broom and dustpan should capture the majority of surface nuisances. Microfiber cloths and pads can go one level deeper by sticking the dirt and hair to the material.

Cleaning Tip #2: Use Common Sense

Quality hardwood floors are built to be durable. That doesn’t mean you should be careless with your floors. Common sense can save you a lot of grief and it doesn’t cost much or take a lot of effort. Using floor pads on furniture is an easy way to protect your floors, and they make moving furniture easier to boot. Doormats can help keep moisture and outside dirt out. Hallway runners will help with high traffic areas, and kitchen fatigue mats are great for the lower back while protecting the floor when cooking.

Cleaning Tip #3: Mop the Grime

Things like dust and pet hair can easily be collected with a broom or dustpan, but what about deeper messes? Stubborn grime is inevitable, particularly in high-traffic places or areas where food is prepared and served. When you see grime, it’s best to take care of it right away to avoid it setting on your hardwood floor. With that in mind, there are a number of cleaners designed for hardwood floors and it’s safest to go with these rather than generic cleaners.

Cleaning Tip #4: Use Rugs

One of the simplest ways to ensure the health and cleanliness of your hardwood floor is to use rugs. These also add to the sense of color and texture of the space and make it much easier on your back and feet, in addition to adding a level of heat insulation. Aesthetically, using large rugs can bring your room’s design together, truly turning a house into a home.

Cleaning Tip #5: Deep Clean

Even with regular maintenance, your floors will likely accumulate wear and tear after years pass. To help restore your floors to just-like-new sheen, a deep clean every three or four years is a good idea. A deep clean can be handled by a specialized contractor and that may even include resurfacing or refinishing the materials to help restore their sheen.

How Do Your Floors Look?

Not sure of the best way to keep your hardwood floors clean and pristine? If you’re looking for expert advice — or are considering hardwood floors for the first time and want expert insight — get in touch with the team at Professional Installed Floors. We invite you to schedule a free in-home estimate or to visit our Marietta showroom for an up-close look at the possibilities.