In 2018, floor coverings sales equaled $41,477 million in North America.

A popular new flooring type is luxury vinyl flooring. It looks almost identical to hardwood or natural stone tile, but at a fraction of the cost.

And, to clean luxury vinyl is super easy. Read on for 3 easy steps to make your luxury vinyl floor shine.

1. Sweep Luxury Vinyl Floors

The first step in cleaning your luxury vinyl flooring is to do a good sweep. This will pick up crumbs, hair, and other loose debris.

Make sure to get crumbs that collect next to baseboards and in the corners of the room.

Some people prefer to vacuum their flooring. That is fine as long as you use the hard-floor vacuum head instead of the carpet attachment.

2. Mop Luxury Vinyl Floors

The next step is to mop your floors to get them shiny. You can purchase a floor cleaner that is safe for vinyl floors.

Your safest bet is to check the manufacturer's website to see if they list any product recommendations for what to use to mop the floor.

Alternately, you can use a homemade solution of warm water and some dish soap to clean your floors. Just remember that the mop should be damp, not soaking wet.

Make sure that you don't soak the floors by pouring the cleaning solution directly on it. This can damage your luxury vinyl tile.

Your mop should have a wring option to get all the excess water out. Or you can opt for a Bona spray mop that sprays a light mist on the floor to get your floors shiny.

Your mop head should be microfiber to protect your floor. Never use a scrub brush or hard bristles on your luxury vinyl flooring.

Also, never use wax on luxury vinyl. Wax can make the floor slick and can lead to slips. Also, wax can make luxury vinyl become dull over time.

3. Remove Stains as Needed

Step three is not always needed. You only need this step if you have some stains or marks on your floor that don't lift after mopping.

Some stains, particularly in the kitchen, can be tricky to remove. First, wet a cloth with hot water and add a squirt of mild soap.

Wipe the stain vigorously with this cloth. It may take several passes to get the stain to lift. Again, do not soak the stain to avoid damaging your floor.

If this doesn't work, you can use a damp soft-bristle brush to gently rub the mark out. You don't want to scratch the surface coating of the vinyl - be gentle.

If you have a stubborn stain, you can purchase a stain remover that is safe for a luxury vinyl floor. Just make sure to read the directions carefully. And always check that the product is safe to use in a home with pets and children if applicable.

Once you get the stain out, wipe the spot with a clean, damp cloth. Then, use a dry microfibre dry cloth to dry the area.

Never leave a puddle on your flooring. And don't use steam cleaners as they can lift the color of your beautiful luxury tiles.

Final Word on How to Clean Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl floors are easy to care for. They are simple to maintain. To clean luxury vinyl, all you need to do is sweep and mop.

Luxury vinyl floors are durable, spot-resistant and look great in any room of the house.