Millennials in the Marketplace: The Future is Sustainable Flooring

Would you pay more for ecologically-friendly products and materials? For the millennial generation, that's a priority.

A full three-quarters of them are willing to shell out extra cash for products that are good for the earth. This applies to homes, too.

If you want to up your resale value for the many millennials who are looking for their first home, you'll need to go green.

An easy place to start? Sustainable flooring.

What counts as environmentally friendly flooring? What's the best way to update your home with it?

Keep reading and we'll answer these questions and more!

What's the Definition of Sustainable Flooring?

There are a few factors that go into defining ecologically-friendly flooring. Here are a few things that determine what makes the cut:

  • The percentage of recycled materials used
  • What kind of natural resources is used
  • How the flooring is manufactured
  • The environmental impact from the creation of the flooring to shipping to installation

These items are just a few ideas that contribute to figuring out if the flooring is sustainable or not. Consider all of the above when choosing sustainable flooring for your home.

Now you've got a grasp of what goes into the label. Let's look at some great options for your home that meet these requirements and fit in with your lifestyle.


Bamboo is something of a miracle product. It's been used in Asian countries for centuries and is now gaining popularity in the states -- and for good reason!

Bamboo bends easily and has a higher resistance to being pulled apart than steel. It also can withstand more pressure than concrete.

What makes it sustainable is how quickly it regrows. Bamboo can regenerate quickly unlike the traditional types of trees that are used for planks.

FSC-Certified Wood

Non-profit group The Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, seeks and rewards wood plantations that use environmentally-friendly methods of raising and harvesting trees. They have strict guidelines to ensure wood meets their standards.

Search for the FSC certification if you're shopping for sustainable wood flooring.

Reclaimed Wood

When old warehouses, boxcars, or other places with wood planks are demolished, where does their flooring go? These days, it can be reclaimed and made into beautiful new hardwood floors.

This flooring is a little more expensive due to the labor and time it takes to get the wood and clean it up. It's a great way to recycle what's already available, though.


Cork is a lot like bamboo in that it regenerates quickly and causes minimal damage when harvested. Trees have their cork bark cut away, leaving the interior intact.

Because it's spongy and dense, it absorbs noise as well as reduces impact. Cork is a great choice for rooms that see a lot of action like kids' rooms or basement romper rooms. Lots of Fantastic Flooring Options

As you can see, sustainable flooring isn't difficult to find. It might be a little pricey, but it's definitely worth it. Want to explore more environmentally friendly flooring options? Contact us today!