Replacing tire old carpeting or covering a floor for the first time, you want to pick something that will work well with the rest of the room. Picking texture, carpet color, and style all need to be considered.

The right carpet can really pull the room together and also serve a functional purpose. Let's look at the best way to pick the perfect carpeting for every room.

Choosing Carpet Color

Deciding what color of carpet works best in any room has more to do with the room itself and not your favorite colors. You want it to compliment the decor.

Light Colors

Don't be afraid of neutral and lighter colors of carpet. Beige, grey and light blues are warm and very versatile when it comes to decorating around them.

The pale carpeting also frees you up to get adventurous with the color in the rest of the room. If you have bright paint or busy wallpaper on the walls, you don't want the carpet to clash with it.

Add Space

Lighter colors of carpet can add space to a smaller or cramped room. They give the appearance of space where there is less light. They also work well with a room that has a lot of natural light, to brighten the room considerably.

Clean Look

The lighter shades also help to hide pet hair. Assuming your pets are lighter in shade. They can mask the sign of certain stains, as well. If you have a black cat and plan on spilling salsa and red wine, skip to the next section.

Dark Colors

The darker shades of carpets can have a cozy, warm feeling about them. If the decor of the room has hints of blues or reds, then a carpet in that color will bring out those highlights.

Darker carpets are perfect for rooms where you want to relax, like your bedroom or the family room. The warmth of the carpet and the color set a comfortable and relaxing scene.


Food, pet messes, dirt, and grime can all be masked better in the darker shades of carpeting.

Patterned Carpets

Choosing a patterned carpet can be great for an otherwise drab room. If everything in the room is beige or grey, adding a brightly patterned carpet can really make it all pop.

A patterned carpet can also work extremely well with solid colors throughout the room. If you have a theme of two-toned colors, like grey and blue, then use blue and grey carpeting to really bring the room together.

Cut a Rug

Whether it's for your kitchen, your family room or your bedroom, you don't want to pick a carpet color you don't like. Take a sample of your color scheme with you when you shop for carpeting, to make sure it will match.

Always ask an expert if you are unsure what to look for. They will know best what type of carpeting will work best for each room. If you have any questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.